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Why do you need one of our associates when  looking for your next home or investment?

  1. Fiduciary responsibility- we will use our expertise to ensure the best deal possible

  2. Knowledge- we know the area, the schools, the people, the laws, and the home buying process

  3. Affordable- buyers do not pay agents their commissions, the seller's agent shares their commission with the buyer's agent. A  buyer's agent is still always bounds to the interests of the buyer!

All the financial details that  are mind-boggling to first-time home buyers are something an agent encounters daily, including: He or she will help you figure the price range you can afford, explain the advantages and disadvantages of different types of mortgages and guide you through the paperwork. The agent can help you prepare an offer to purchase and help with negotiations. The agent can also be of assistance with lining up financing and inspections and during the closing process.

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