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Good marketing is essential for every company. That is why we have implemented the following ways of listing and selling homes.


We have created a program that captures the prospects’ attention because we understand how and why people buy homes. We are out to exceed our buyers’ expectations each and every time we have contact with them; from providing them with detailed information about the local schools, neighborhood real estate prices, local contractors, or the closest farm market.

Over 90 percent of buyers, and virtually all sellers, do research online before even contacting an agent. The internet is vast, but we try to spread ourselves over lots of sites.  We also concentrate on dominating our specialty areas that are the most productive.

We utilize search engine optimization, social media marketing, and public sales sites including some of the below.

Our company focuses on creation of incredible, compelling offers. Buyers feel like they are getting a “deal” because we show them how the home is priced right the first time. It is Win-Win negotiating which also helps encourage our referral business. Because the buyers are happy, they send new prospects to us so they can purchase these homes and get a “good deal” as well.


  • Prepare and submit accurate information to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

  • Display the home to our sales staff and other agents.

  • Network with our sales people and active agents from other companies.

  • Create a custom color photo brochure outlining the key property features.

  • Install a for sale sign on your property to generate buyer calls.

  • Feature the home on the Internet.


  • Send printed copies and links to the tour presentations to potential buyers.

  • Visit the home weekly to check on showings and refill brochures.

  • Gather direct feedback from other agents on all showings.

  • Provide regular updated written market reports showing the latest market activity to prospects.

  • Constantly review our marketing strategy and adjust as needed to get the home sold.

  • Develope personal referrals through past and present clients.

  • Make announcements or sponsor key neighborhood newsletters.

  • Donate money and time as well as sponsor school organizations both locally and across the county.

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